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LaTIMA_flyer.pdf 1.8 MB 21-Sep-2021 Download
Thermotest_flyer.pdf 1.2 MB 10-Jun-2022 Download
TIFAS_IR_flyer.pdf 1.0 MB 21-Sep-2021 Download
TIMA_5_flyer.pdf 1.5 MB 30-Apr-2021 Download
TOCS_flyer.pdf 1.3 MB 30-Apr-2021 Download
File nameDescriptionFile sizeLast modified
NT16-3k-FC_datasheet.pdf Flip chip version of the NT16-3k wafer 785 KB 30-Apr-2021 Download
NT16-3k-WB_datasheet.pdf Wirebond version of the NT16-3k wafer 452 KB 30-Apr-2021 Download
NT16-TTV5_datasheet.pdf Small ready-for-use TTV of the NT16-3k 393 KB 30-Apr-2021 Download
NT20-3k-FC_datasheet.pdf Flip chip version of the NT20-3k wafer 2.3 MB 09-Mar-2023 Download
TIMA_5-23_datasheet.pdf TIMA 5 system datasheet 540 KB 02-Nov-2023 Download
TOCS-chips_datasheet.pdf TOCS chips datasheet 3.2 MB 04-Sep-2023 Download
TOCS_datasheet.pdf TOCS system datasheet 401 KB 16-Mar-2021 Download
TTV10_NT20_datasheet.pdf 23.7 MB 02-Nov-2023 Download
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Nanotest_Company_Portfolio.pdf General presentation about Nanotest 3.3 MB 02-Nov-2023 Download
Nanotest_LaTIMA.pdf Presentation about our lateral thermal interface material analyzer 1.6 MB 02-Nov-2023 Download
Nanotest_Thermotest.pdf Presentation about thermal test chips and vehicles 3.1 MB 02-Nov-2023 Download
Nanotest_TIMA5.pdf Slide set about our ASTM D5470 measurement system 1.1 MB 02-Nov-2023 Download
Nanotest_TOCS.pdf Presentation about our Three-omega characterization system 2.8 MB 02-Nov-2023 Download

TIMA Software

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tima_installer_5.1.2.exe Released 10/2019 6.6 MB 07-Sep-2021 Download
tima_installer_5.1.4.exe Released 12/2019 6.7 MB 07-Sep-2021 Download
tima_installer_5.1.8.exe Released 06/2020 10.0 MB 07-Sep-2021 Download
tima_installer_5.2.0.exe Released 11/2021 11.8 MB 30-Nov-2021 Download
tima_installer_5.2.1.exe Released 02/2022 12.0 MB 24-Feb-2022 Download
tima_installer_5.2.2.exe Released 05/2022 12.0 MB 04-May-2022 Download
tima_installer_5.2.3.exe Released 11/2023 11.6 MB 07-Nov-2023 Download Released 05/2023 294.9 MB 22-May-2023 Download