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TTV Design

Custom thermal test vehicles

TTVs – thermal test vehicles – are prototypical devices that serve as centerpiece of experiemental package development setups. They provide heating functionality which can create configurable temperature fields throughout the whole chip and simultaneous, spatially resolved temperature measurement. That allows to simulate a real package's thermal behavior while in-situ measuring the actual package core temperatures.

The actual TTV design can be greatly individual. Starting at the die size, over heater and temperature sensor patterns and finally to the whole assembly design, the great degree of individuality is a factor that has drawn packaging departments' attention on TTVs.

The one-stop shop

We tell the whole story of your TTV: Starting with in-house developed wafers of thermal test chips, we provide all the design and development steps necessary to end up with a fully functional, feature-complete and calibrated TTV that fulfills any particular need.

We understand TTVs, their requirements and purpose, and we know the challenges on the way from concept to realization. Having gathered experience in various TTV projects in the past decade, we are competent in design and development and have competent manufacturing and assembly partners at hand that are suited to provide the necessary quality even for highly challenging projects.

    We are your partner en route to your customized TTV solution and provide all the steps on that way, including:

    • TTV concepts and specifications
    • Wafer supply and dicing
    • Substrate and test board design and manufacturing
    • TTV and package assembly
    • Quality and reliability assessment
    • Calibration and testing
    • Failure analysis

    The NT20-3k Thermal Test Chip is here!

    We've learned from the most successful first generation of thermal test chips NT16-3k and developed the successor generation NT20, coping with the demand for larger die sizes and more function flexibility.

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