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Thermal Imaging-based Failure Analysis System

  • Category: Failure Analysis
  • Target: Hidden flaws
  • Limit: flaw size > flaw depth


Thermal Imaging-based Failure Analysis System

We like to judge at first glance. However, some aspects can be hidden beneath the surface. It's a good thing that TIFAS®IR lab can help us make a decision.

Since thermal behavior is often critical to the reliability of electronic components, it is very useful to observe it directly to obtain information about reliability. Infrared thermography can be used to detect, localize and quantify various defects in samples, especially those that directly affect the thermal path. Furthermore, this method is 100% non-destructive and non-contact.

Using thermographic techniques such as pulse, pulse-phase and lock-in thermography, coupled with intelligent image processing, the integrity of a sample can be reliably assessed in seconds. The use of a modified flash lamp as an excitation source plays an important role in performing pulse thermography quickly and reliably.

    Versatile failure detection

    TIFAS IR lab brings laboratory and academic failure analysis down to desktop-scale.

    It is the first all-in-one system for IR thermography-based failure analysis and brings everything you need for failure analysis of electrical components, mechanical parts or connections. Defect sensitivity includes anything that physically obstructs the heat path, such as (among others):

    • Voids
    • Cracks
    • Delamination
    • Inclusions
    • Foreign objects

    Our innovative VacBlack - system, which is included in TIFAS® IR lab, optionally enables a temporary lamination of the sample with a highly emissive film to improve the infrared analysis of samples with low emissivity. The appropriate thermal connection between the film and the sample is created by vacuum. It enables residue-free removal of the film after the sample analysis. Two types of VacBlack® films are available: 50 µm & 30 µm thickness.

    In North America TIFAS® equipment is exclusively sold by CWI technical sales.

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