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Thermal test chip product family

  • Category: Thermal test chips
  • Standards: none
  • Purpose: Thermal test vehicles
  • Technology: Ti thin film


Homogeneous heat generation and precise temperature measurement, combined on an robust chip. This describes the Thermotest chip very well. The universally applicable chip is one of our most frequently used developments and the range of possible applications is almost endless.

Our thermal test chips are versatile and can mimic complex active components or act as an additional sensor unit in a system to perform and support thermal and thermo-mechanical analyses. The chips can also be used for material characterization and calibration in specific setups, such as in TIMA 5.

NT20-3k series

Home-made tastes best

After years of work and unsatisfactory tests with a range of commercially available chips, we have taken the steering wheel in our own hands and developed a chip that meets our requirements and which we can offer to the market in clear conscience. The first generation, the NT16, was released in 2016 and its focus of the development was homogeneous generation of heat, the integration of a precise and sensitive temperature sensor and a high degree of flexibility.

The demand for larger die sizes in TTV assemblies has driven us to develop the next generation of thermal test chips "Made by Nanotest" - the NT20. The result is a modular chip that can be easily integrated and used in any size and with a variety of design and interconnection technology. It provides homogeneous heating with the active heater covering over 80% of the die. Large solder balls allow reliable assembly of large die sizes and thermo-mechanical health monitoring features give the NT20 an innovative edge over common TTCs.

Download NT20-3k-FC

NT16-3k series

Old but gold

The NT16-3K-FC are sold out. Please see what the NT20 series offers you.

The NT16 was the first thermal test chip designed by Nanotest. A functional cell of this chip consists of ten heating resistors which can be individually controlled and a temperature sensor with high sensitivity. By default, this wafer is available for two assembling technologies: (a) flip chip and (b) wirebonding.


The NT16 series has also brought pre-assembled compact and easy to use TTVs for universal use in various applications. The NT16-TTV5 is a 3 × 3 matrix of cells on a small FR4 substrate.

The TTV5 is part of an extension for TIMA, that allows to test TIMs in direct contact with a chip surface, mimicing a real TIM1 application.

Also, we provide all the means to drive your TTV setup. For instance with the compact TTV SAC.

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