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Thermal In-Plane Material Analyzer

  • Category: Thermal material characterization
  • Standards: none
  • Targets: Solid material
  • Limits: 30 ... 3000 W/mK


Lateral Thermal Material Analyzer

The metrological determination of the bulk thermal conductivity of highly conductive materials has found its master. We present a system that is award-winning and modest, but offers much more than just bulk thermal conductivity.

Thermal-stationary methods according to current methods such as ASTM D5470 are not suitable for the thermal characterization of highly conductive materials such as metals, alloys or novel ceramics. In addition, for anisotropic materials in-plane properties have to be determined. LaTIMA solves these two tasks at once.

Put to the test

The LaTIMA was originally developed to make a wide range of already available sample geometries applicable for the thermal measurements. For example, dogbone samples as known from pull tests as described in the standard ASTM D638 are best suited for measurements in LaTIMA. Matching samples in flat, rectangular form can be produced simply and cost-effectively, from sintered materials to ceramics. The LaTIMA is therefore a simple assistant in the material laboratory or in quality assurance.

A wave of synergy

The TIMAwave module is an extension for the LaTIMA for determination of the thermal diffusivity. The module is easy to integrate into the LaTIMA and extends the system by an effective dynamic measurement method. The diffusivity, also known as temperature conductivity, is a valuable material parameter, for example, for transient thermal simulations. In addition, by combining diffusivity and thermal conductivity measurements, the heat storage number can be determined – the volumetric heat capacity. In combination of LaTIMA with TIMAwave, two analyses of a material can be carried out on the same sample in a single measuring system. Interested?

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