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Founded in 2004, Nanotest was a small group of scientists and engineers that had gathered at the Micro Materials Center of Fraunhofer in Berlin-Wedding to build up a business all around material characterization. Quickly, the focus shifted onto thermal material characterization and our flagship measurement system TIMA was build in its first version. In the following years, more measurements methods and systems followed as well as competence in thermography-based failure analysis.

Years of active participation in many successful research projects followed and Nanotest grew with challenging characterization tasks and built a portfolio of various measurement techniques and - more importantly - lots of experience in thermal management, characterization and understanding of current and future industrial challenges.

Today, Nanotest is a team of over 20 employees, operating in their headquarter in Berlin and an auxiliary laboratory in Chemnitz, Saxony. Nanotest has a portfolio of 5 distinct measurement systems and offers measurement and analysis services to industrial and academic partners all over the world.

A Network

Nanotest operates as part of a well-interconnected scientific work group, the joint lab berlin for thermal management. The work group collects expertise in thermal management from two SMEs, an institute and two universities and offers advantages like equipment sharing, knowledge exchange and a comprehensive set of measurement and characterization capabilities, failure analysis techniques supplemented with the power of numerical analysis. The list of partners is:

A team

Dr. Mohamad Abo Ras

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Corinna Grosse-Kockert

Chief Technical Officer

Andrea Heuser

Head of Marketing and Sales

Dr. Thomas Winkler

Project Manager

Dr. Daniel May

Strategic Advisor

Sara Panahandeh

Product Manager

Maik Sternberg

Hardware Engineer

Florian Löffler

Software Scientist

Santiago Campos Böttges

R&D Engineer

Torsten Nowak

Hardware Engineer

Anja Mielis

Office Management

Antonio Harder

Research Engineer

Kaushal Pareek

PhD Student

Simon Löhlein

R&D Engineer

Marcus Schulz

Research Engineer

Aniket Kale

Student researcher

Jon Larrazabal Sixto

Research Engineer

Steffen Carstensen

Student Reseacher

Enrico Dannenberg

Student researcher

Patrick Enders

Student researcher

Open to applications

We are a young, creative team and offer scientific-technical measurement and development services as well as our own measurement systems to a world-wide customer base from semiconductor, power electronics and automotive industries. We continously develop new and refine our existing systems and closely collaborate with our customer and partner network. We can use support in various ways. So - you like those faces above? Maybe you take a look at our vacancies - we are currently looking for the following reinforcements:

Together with the Technische Universität Chemnitz (TU Chemnitz) in Chemnitz we are looking for a

PhD student (F/M/X) with a degree in Physics, Electrical Engineering or Material Science

Project description:

Thermal imaging is a topical method to detect buried flaws (as e.g. material inhomogeneities, cracks, delamination and artefacts or geometric tolerances) in electronic packages which are caused by processing or during operation and thus represent quality and reliability concerns and have to be detected inline by non-destructive techniques. To allow the classification of these defects, AI-based methods are to be employed after post-processing of the thermographs for contrast enhancement.

Application deadline: 01-12-2022

Expected start date: The PhD project starts between 01-01-2023 and 01-04-2023

Requirements: Specific Eligibility Criteria on the Horizon Europe: Marie Skłodowska-Curie (MSCA) programme apply, including the mobility rule and PhD rules. Applicants of any nationality are welcome.

Desired degree: Master in Physics, Electrical Engineering or Material Science

Background knowledge: in AI-Methods, Finite Element Simulation, Materials, Failure Analysis, Packaging desirable

English proficiency: fluent

For more information please download the official announcement here.

We are a young, international, and creative team and develop cutting-edge scientific solutions for global industries in the technology and electronics sectors. For the team around non-destructive testing we need reinforcements and are looking for a 

Student Researcher (F/M/X) to work on non-destructive testing by means of infrared and thermoreflectance thermography.

When: As soon as possible
Thesis: Possible anytime

These are your tasks:
  • Acquisition of competence in theory and practice of contactless measurement techniques for non-destructive testing
  • Planning, organization and implementation of optical and optoelectonical measurement setups
  • Participation in development and design of new measurement systems
  • Functional and software test on prototypes
  • Conducting test within the scope of research projects and customer assignments
This is your profile:
  • Knowledge in construction, metrology and/or physics
  • CAD-based hardware development
  • Good MS Office skills
  • Scientific understanding and solution-oriented analytical skills
  • Initiative, creativity and reliability
  • Abilities in organization and self-organized working
  • Team spirit and social and intercultural competence
  • Good command of English and German in speech and writing
Our promise
  • Transparency, team spirit and helpfulness in a flat hierarchy
  • Creative and autonomous working
  • Flexible working hours
  • Possibilities of continued scientific studies

This sound like just the right job for you? Feel free to use the contact form below and send us your application.

P.S.: Hier gibt es die Stellenbeschreibung auch zum Download auf deutsch: Download PDF

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