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Thermal characterization

Liquids, pastes, gels, solids, highly conductive, highly insulating, we know them all, we measure them all.

We provide characterization services to partners all around the globe and at all stages of the supply chain.

Measurement equipment

We build our own measurement systems according to our needs. And we refine them continuously.

With increasing refinement, we eventually roll them out as ready-to-use measurement systems.

Failure Analysis

Thermography is our key competence when looking at failure analysis. It's contactless and non-destructive.

We offer our expertise as service and provide off-the-shelf and custom production-line-ready solutions.

Plane and simple

Ever wondered how simple in-plane thermal characterization can be?

Take a look at LaTIMA - a unique approach to directly measure the in-plane thermal conductivity of highly performant solids.

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Three-Omega Characterization System


Thermal Interface Material Analyzer


In-Plane Thermal Material Analyzer


Thermal Imaging-based Failure Analyzer


Thermal test chips and vehicles

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