Thermal Interface Material Analyzer

The analysis of thermal interface materials has never been so simple and comprehensive at the same time. The TIMA provides a bridge between science and industry through a high degree of functionality and unsurpassed ease of use.

The TIMA is a universal and modular system for precise characterization of any conceivable type of thermal interface materials, as well as some other material classes. The system is highly compact and fits into any laboratory, water connection provided. A one-day training is enough to fully understand the device and be able to perform all types of characterizations and material studies. This is our promise.

Measure more, know more, do more

The system conforms to ASTM-D5470 standard for the determination of bulk thermal conductivity. Measurements of this type can be carried out fully automatic. Insert material, start measurement and become productive.

Cyclic tests on pastes or gap fillers are also performed automatically and monitored by the system in situ. All relevant variables are recorded and can be viewed quickly with the associated software. You can at any time understand how far the aging process has progressed and abort at the right moment and start the next measurement. You will lose less time and accelerate your lifetime investigations.

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The characterization of interface materials is strongly conditioned by the match of the application scenario or, at least, by a traceable reference. This applies in particular to the two contact surfaces between which the heat transport is to be supported. The fact that the quality of the thermal connection is considerably dependent on the type of surface is as obvious as is often ignored.

The modularity of the TIMA allows the use of various reference surfaces - from all common metals, through any form of surface refinement to silicon surfaces.

Your demand is our demand

The TIMA is continuously under development. Despite the apparent simplicity of stationary thermal characterization, progress is never ending. We continue to develop the system according to current requirements and demands of our customers and equip it for new and more challenging measuring tasks.

Your advantages

Rapid determination of thermal conductivity and interface resistance

  • Wide field of searchable material classes
  • Long-term and aging tests with in-situ monitoring included
  • Modular, compact and cost-effective

TIMA is subject to continuous development and improvement. Despite the apparent simplicity of steady-state thermal characterization, progress never ends. On a regular basis we update and extend the system based on customer needs and to prepare it for more challenging measurement tasks.

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