System Characterization

Thermal Characterization

Admittedly, 'system' is a very broad term. However, there exist systems whose thermal relevance is not limited only to heat transport from the source to the sink. Thermoelectric and thermomechanical effects may require special consideration and the provision of practicable parameters and characterization methods.

Depending on demands and other requirements, we can offer thermoelectric analyzes with a focus on material or system, respectively. Result parameters are, inter alia, the thermoelectric figure of merit and the efficiency.

Thermoelectric figure of merit

The thermoelectric figure of merit ZT is actually a material parameter describing the ability to convert thermoelectric energy. This quantity is calculated from individual parameters of the material, but is also used for quantifying the efficiency of thermoelectric devices. We offer the determination of this key parameter for thermoelectric components of any size.

Thermoelectric efficiency

The degree of efficiency of thermoelectric components is strongly dependent on the applied temperature difference and the input power. For components such as Peltier coolers, a characteristic curve is usally given in the data sheet. We offer to provide you with the determination of these characteristics, as well as application-specific investigations and analyzes of the influence of special boundary conditions on the efficiency.

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