Package Characterization

The packages are as diverse as their application areas. The geometry is just as important as the interaction of the materials used. Thermal management plays a dominant role in reliable packages and requires intensive screening.

Thermal resistance

In data sheets of packages, the heat resistance is given in the form of the Rth, J-C (Rth from Junction to Case). Simulations or theoretical calculations are rarely used for this purpose; transient thermal measurements are usually carried out according to the JEDEC JESD51-14 standard, which we can offer using our TISA measuring system. Measurements of this type permit the recording of the package's own thermal resistance under realistic conditions, reliably, precisely and with a comprehensible relation to application.

Junction temperature

The investigation of the influence of application-relevant operating and environmental parameters on the maximum setting junction temperature of a semiconductor component is of great value for the estimation of the reliability and the data sheet definition of the range of application. In most cases, the determination of the junction temperature Tj, max  under given conditions is not possible using conventional methods of thermometry. After preceding temperature calibration, however, a transient thermal measurement provides this temperature with the highest accuracy.

Thermal impedance

The thermal impedance Zth(t) describes the entire thermal path of a component in a concrete assembly from the heat source to the heat sink. This curve can be understood as a thermal fingerprint, which provides information about all thermally relevant layers and interfaces. This characteristic curve is the starting point for further analyzes, such as:

  • Thermal impedance spectrum
  • Structure function
  • Thermal resistance

We offer comprehensive transient thermal analyzes of any packages, from micro- to power electronics.

Your advantages:

  • Industrial standard with scientific precision
  • Fast and uncomplicated processing
  • Reliable, reproducible and comparable
  • Comprehensive professional support

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