Thermal Simulation

Reliability Analysis

How hot is the center of the earth? There are countless questions like this, which can not be clarified by measurement technologies. They require the use of physical models.


Thermal simulation means the simulation of reality using suitable, thermal models. The choice of the simulation platform is as important as setting the right level of abstraction. Our years of experience is your key to creating models with high relevance and performance.

Finite element models

Finite element models are widespread and enjoy high reputation in research to industry. Nevertheless, the danger is often underestimated by mistakes in model formation that seem to produce correct results, which in the worst case can lead to fatal bad decisions in system design.

The potential for system-wide access to comprehensive information and to overlook the entire thermal behavior is, however, unmatched, which is why we always use and offer finite element simulation as an important source of information. Whether in system design or during the life expectancy, whether in the detection of thermal bottlenecks or the optimization of load profiles, the possibilities are as endless as the bandwidth of conceivable systems.

We would be happy to support you in the design, verification or complete creation of FE models to an extent, which is right for you. Our advantage: We make the determination of relevant thermal material parameters ourselves.

Thermal equivalent circuit diagram

Transient thermal characterization determines the thermal behavior of packages. This behavior can be reproduced using thermal networks or equivalent circuit diagrams. This is based on the analogy of electrical and thermal variables. The great advantage of these effective models is low computation times, which is why complex studies of the influence of different load profiles can be analyzed in a very short time. The simple models can also be extended by additional features, such as thermo electrical behavior, and finally integrated into extensive system simulations for rapid prototyping.

The determination of simple thermal effective models from the transient thermal characterization can be offered to you as well as the comparison of existing models with the experiment and the generation and optimization of models based on measured data provided by you.

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