Ageing of Thermal Interfaces

Reliability Analysis

Reliability and lifetime expectancy in electronics are closely linked to the state of the thermal path and the quality of the heat dissipation. Thermal transitions have a major influence on this. In other words, the aging of electronic assemblies is limited to thermal interfaces in most cases.

Thermal boundaries

Thermal interfaces of all kinds are subjected to high loads. Depending on the interface and the application, these loads are enormously different in their characteristics, form and strength. In addition, the thermal interfaces in an assembly form the bottleneck of the cooling and are thus a critical component in ensuring reliability and long lifetime. If a thermal interface degrades, this directly affects the operating characteristics of the entire module. A thorough investigation of these interfaces at an early stage of development is therefore of great importance.


The aging behavior of the interfaces can vary greatly depending on a large field of influencing parameters. External influences such as operating temperatures and prevailing pressure play just as great a role as the connected surfaces. We are able to display the wide range of influencing variables in an application-oriented manner and to carry out accelerated tests, which will give you conclusive results within a short time, which aging phenomena could be expected in the field.

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