Turn-key System for your package anayslsis

TIMApulse is a compact and all-in-one measurement system for transient analyses of packages, systems and beyond. It is simply connected via USB and contains everything required for thermal impedance analysis - except for your sample, of course. The range of feasible samples reaches from standard packages to LEDs, MOSFETs and other semiconductor devices to prototypic systems and concept setups.

Beyond JEDEC JESD 51-14

TIMApulse has everything it needs for thermal impedance analyses according to standard JESD 51-14 of standard packages, power electronic modules and prototypic setups. The Determination of the junction-to-case thermal resistance (Rth,J-C) is done with two quick measurements. Beyond that many further partial thermal impedances are available by extended thermal analyses and thermal effective models (equivalent thermal RC networks) may be generated, calibrated and verified using TIMApulse. The system is fully equipped with Software allowing structural analysis with just one measurement resolving the thermal path from heat source to heat sink.

Furthermore, transient thermal analyses is a simple, yet powerful Instrument for failure analysis. Its non-destructive character paired with structural resolution of the thermal path allows detection of burried errors in components and modules and is, hence, applicable in many fields, even in quality assessment.

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