Thermotest Vehicle

Thermometry and Analytics

Thermal test vehicles are versatile and multi-purpose systems providing the ability to dissipate heat and to measure the temperature simultaneously. They support a wide range of analyses ranging from material characterization up to benchmarking of complex system in package (SiP).


Adapt and test

The NT16-3k Thermotest Chip is designed as a modular system to provide the maximum flexibility for thermal characterization and qualification of materials, packages and systems. The NT16-TTV5 Thermotest Vehicle is a minimalistic and TTV based on a 3x3 matrix of NT16-3k cells. The full area of the chip surface is covered with a single uniform heater and the chip features five temperature sensors to observe the temperature distribution precisely and in-situ. The package is assembled in flip chip technology on an FR4 PCB substrate with large-area contact pads on the backside to allow easy contacting and provide maximum robustness and reliability.


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