Thermotest Chip

Thermometry and Analytics

Achtung, dieses Produkt ist nicht länger verfügbar. Nur noch Restbestände des NT16-3k-WB sind verfügbar. Das Nachfolgeprodukt wird in Kürze vorgestellt.

Homogeneous heat generation and precise temperature measurement, combined on an robust chip. This describes the Thermotest chip very well. The universally applicable chip is one of our most frequently used developments and the range of possible applications is almost endless.

For test purposes

The Thermotest chip is a test chip that can be used as a dummy for complex, active components or as an additional sensor unit in a system to perform thermal analysis. The chip can also be used for material characterization and calibration. The chip is available as a wafer or in prepared array sizes.

Home-made simply tastes best

After years of work and unsatisfactory tests with a range of commercially available chips, we have taken the steering wheel in our own hands and developed a chip that meets our requirements and which we can offer to the market in clear conscience. The focus of the development was homogeneous generation of heat, the integration of a precise and sensitive temperature sensor and a high degree of flexibility. The result is the Thermotest chip, a modular chip that can be easily integrated and used in any size and with a variety of design and interconnection technology.

A functional cell of the Thermotest chip consists of ten heating resistors which can be individually controlled and a temperature sensor with high sensitivity. The chip can be installed in a BGA or by wirebonding, respectively.


A premade "ready-to-use" solution of the NT16-3k is the NT16-TTV5, a completely packaged 3x3 matrix of the Thermotest Chip.

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