Micro Reference Heat Source

Thermometry & Analytics

Thermographic methods are increasingly complex and especially for failure analytic methods mostly require dynamic approaches. Most widely used principle is the lock-in thermography which allows measuring temperature differences down to few µK. Kalibration and benchmarking of such systems is not trivial but astonishingly simple when applying a laboratory standard.

Constant Power

The µWHS - micro Watt heat source - generally is a low power reference heat source for thermographic applications. Centerpiece is a silicon chip which generates a controlled and monitored amount of heat with defined frequency. The unit is simply connected via USB and PC and keeps the power output constant over hours allowing for long term benchmarks and calibrations.

Observed Superficially

The surface of the µWHS chip is available in any arbitrary finish and can be re-treated anytime. This way defined surfaces with exactly known emissivity are possible to create which qualify for highly precise calibrations.

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