In-Line Failure Analysis System

Contactless and non-destructive failure analysis is good. In-line 100% quality assessment is very good. Contactless and non-destructive 100% in-line testing is simply INFAS.

Quality management in production is eversince striving for a 0% failure rate, closing in asymptotically. The economic damage is smaller the sooner a flaw is detected - ideally right after the process step it occured in. Hidden flaws, though, are hard to detect right away but rather during functional tests or - at the worst - as early failures in the field.

INFAS leads thermographic analysis methods into the field and opens completely new possibilities. By smartly combining image processing and a production line-specificly dimensioned image acquisition hardware, smallest hidden flaws in components and modules become detectable, localizable and quantifiable at different processing steps.

  • Voids
  • Cracks
  • Delamination
  • Inclusions

Flaws detected lightning-fast

INFAS brings laboratory level failure analysis onto an industrial scale and into the fabrication line. With the aid of thermographic methods such as puls, pulse-phase and lock-in thermography, associated with intelligent image processing and machine learning for data analysis, only seconds are needed to approve a component's quality, fully automized.

The choice of excitation source is as well flexible as is the dimension of the infrared camera. The software for image pricessing and further data analysis is open for all interfaces for interconnection to databases and big data networks and absolutely ready for industry 2.0.

  • flexible hardware design
  • scalable software
  • fully automated

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