Three Omega Characterization System

Determination of thermal material properties of gels and pastes up to liquids is methodically highly sophisticated. Especially thermal conductivity and diffusivity are usually determined analytically. TOCS utilized the 3-omega method for determination of both material parameters and allows thermal characterization of liquid to viscous material samples within few minutes.

TOCS is a measurement system for the determination of the thermal conductivity and diffusivity of solids, liquids, gels and pastes. Based on the bidirectional 3-omega method, innovative characterization chips allow for easy handling and fast measurement. Samples are simply applied on top of the characterization chip and the values for thermal conductivity and diffusivity are obtained using the convenient electrical measurement program of TOCS.

A straightforward approach

TOCS is a complete solution, containing characterization chips, chips stage, electronics and user-friendly data acquisition and analysis software. The system is ready-to-use and a material sample can be characterized within minutes.

The chips can be disposed of after each use but may preferrably cleaned and re-used. The chip stage is compact and plugged into the rack like a key card. For measurements at elevated temperatures, the chips contain two heaters on opposing sides that allow heating with up to cummulated 2.4 W of heating power.


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The characterization chips are based on thermally insulating glass and each contain three independent 3-omega sensor structures as well as two meander heaters. The electrical contact is established via gold pads and spring probes that are surrounded by rubber sealing that prevents electric short circuits. The analysis software provides control over the whole measurement process and which is complete wihin few button presses. Thanks to a magnetic clip system, changing chips and samples is a matter of seconds.

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