Origin & Vision

Our aspirations and goals are growing steadily and are our driving force. We make our visions declared objectives, our mission identity and the urge for a better future to our the highest credo.

The Berliner Nanotest und Design GmbH was founded in 2004, as a result of a five-year development of a collaborative project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Berlin Senate within the programme Centers for Materials in Microtechnologies and as spin-off of the Micro Materials Center Berlin (MMCB). Initially geared on the reliability of micro- and nanocomposites, the focus has been developing towards thermal problems. The close correlation of reliability-relevant questions to the thermal properties of materials and material composites used was just one of the reasons for this.

In the meantime, the thermophysical focus has extended over the entire range from materials to complex components, has led to the development of some comprehensive measuring systems and is very well accepted by partners in industry and applied research. In our capacity as thermal experts, we see a great responsibility to clarify emerging issues in the long term and not only temporarily save problems. For this reason, we always support our partners in an advisory role.

Our core competences

  • Determination of thermal material properties
  • Thermal characterization of components and assemblies
  • Apparatus engineering for technical scientific applications
  • Reliability and failure analysis on material to system level
  • Thermal simulation
  • Thermal design and consulting

An essential part of our work and the solution of many tasks is the development of individual and problem-specific measuring setups. Some of these setups are sometimes implemented into the development of comprehensive measuring systems, which are subject to specific requirements and are offered for sale by us after an extensive qualification and verification process.

The business premises and lab facilities of the Nanotest are located in Berlin in the science and technology park WISTA in Berlin-Adlershof. Since 2009, Nanotest has also been operating its "lab complex Chemnitz" in the StartUp building on the Smart Systems Campus in Chemnitz. Here it has been one of the three first tenants of this technology and incubator center.